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Working with the DWO » The formula tool

This is the formula tool:
  image of formula tool

You can show the formula tool in two ways:

1: You click on an answer box.
It might not appear the first time you click, so click again.
If it does not show after clicking a few times, you will not need it in that exercise.
    image of calculation box

2: You click on meer-button after you clicked on the f (x)-button of this box.
    image of equation box

The formula tool is in both cases the same. You can use it to key in formulas or strange maths symbols without using your keyboard. Just click on the button. When you click the two red buttons even more symbols will appear.


The top row of buttons can also be reached with the F-keys on your keyboard.
image of upper buttons with F-code above
For example keying in the F4-button will get you a fraction.
On some keyboards and Macs you need to use the Fn or Flock key to use the F-keys.


Every answer box has it own formula tool.
If you want to fill in something in another answer box, you will have to click the answer box or the meer-button again.
If you forget to do this, you are keying in symbols in the first (answer) box.