Working with the DWO » The graph-draw-tool

The graph-draw-tool looks like this.
whole graph-draw-tool
If the graph-draw-tool is underneath a coordinate system, you can plot graphs yourself.

The buttons have the following functions:
button with a pencil Plot points in the coordinate system.
button with an eraser Remove points from the coordinate system.
button with a mouse pointer Move points in the coordinate system.

button with dots Show only points (no graph)
button with line through dots Plot a straight line from point to point.
button with smooth line Plot a smooth line through the points.

drop-down list You can select Gr 2 and Gr 3 with this drop-down list. This way you can plot (or change) a green (Gr 2) and a red (Gr 3) graph.

button with red x-shaped cross Deletes everything of the colour which is selected with the drop-down list drop-down list from the coordinate system.