Fractions » Simplifying fractions

To simplify a fraction you divide the numerator and the denominator by the same number (without making decimal numbers). You will have a simpler fraction with the same ratio. You cannot simplify any further when the numerator and the denominator are not divisible by the same number any more.

Good practice is also writing the fraction as a mixed number.
The number 558 is an easier number than 458.

1560 = 14   Divide both numerator and denominator by 15.
2863 = 49   Divide both numerator and denominator by 7.
233 = 723   Make a mixed number by making a whole number of 213 = 7.


When you divide by 5 in the first example (1560 = 312) you should notice that this can be simplified further, as the numerator and denominator in 312 can both be divided by 3. Therefore you will get 1560 = 312 = 14.

Simplifying in the DWO

Some of the maths methods are okay with giving the answer as an improper fraction. In the DWO, you might get a yellow checkmark when you answer 157. In that case, convert the improper fraction to the mixed number 217.