Inequalities » Higher degree inequalities with the graph tool  

There are two possibilities:

Possibility 1

In the exercise it says you have to solve the inequality algebraically first and then give the solutions to the inequality.
Check higher degree equations to learn how to solve equations to a higher degree. After solving the equations, it works exactly as with quadratic inequalities.

Possibility 2

In the exercise it only says you have to give the solution to the inequality.
When you do not have to use algebra, you can just read off the values.
Below you can see how to do this.

Read off the solution of the following inequality:
2x4 – x < 1 – x3

Use the option trace of the graph tool to solve this inequality.

Fill in both formulas, if this is not done yet.
Check the box for function  trace.
Use  trace bullet on line  to find the values of the points of intersection.
You can zoom in and out by using zoom + and zoom -.

the two graphs with the intersections. Trace shows the coordinates.

Read off the values of the points of intersection.
Then give your solution.